Ohio 2023 high school football calendar is set

The Ohio 2023 high school football calendar is set

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The 2023 high school football season in Ohio officially begins on July 31. The Ohio High School Athletic Association set the official calendar last week.

With the camp starting now, teams are allowed 13 days of coaching and 7-on-7 competition. All schools are given five additional days to complete the state's mandatory five-day orientation period.

Throughout the summer, student-athletes are allowed to participate in unlimited fitness training and conditioning workouts.

After two weeks of fall camp, most regular season games begin on August 18. The regular season closes on October 21. The first round of playoffs will begin on October 27.

The 2023 state championships will be played from November 30 to December 2 in Canton.

2023 Ohio HS Football Calendar

Summer Period ends July 30
Fall Camps open July 31
First Friday is August 18
Regular Season Ends on October 21
Playoff qualifiers and matchups announced October 22
1st Round of Playoffs – October 27
Regional Quarterfinals – November 3
Regional Semifinals – November 10-11
Regional Finals – November 17-18
State Semifinals – November 25-25
State Championships – November 30-December 2


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